Friday, August 8, 2008

What a beautiful Buzz!

Have I ever told you I love the Stones. I really, really love the Stones. It might be because they are older then me and still going strong. That they are even still alive after the abuses they have put their bodies through. I don't know, but whatever it is it makes me really love them. Especially Mick! Tom and I go to all their concerts, he thinks it's to have a nice date night with his loving wife. I think it's so I can plan how to sneek backstage and wow Mick with my womanly ways. Sorry Tom. It's just a dream really because I am now a middle age, overweight, almost Grandma. EEE GADS. Really the only thing I could wow him with now is I could make him my killer lasagna or knit him a pair of socks. I don't think that's what he wants. Luckily it is what Tom wants. Anyway, my son, just bought me this video that just came out. Oh, how I love to dream.It really is very good and has great duets with Christine Aguilara, Jack White, and Buddy Guy.
Now on to what I've been doing besides dreaming of me and Mick. I have been working on these socks. I got the kit from The Loopy Ewe in my sock club. This is a killer pattern. It's taken me almost 2 wks of knitting, and I'm not even half way done with the second one.

The pattern repeats every 24 rows so you can't memorize it.I also took out my sewing machine and dusted it off. I made my mom some curtains for her bathroom. Now remember I haven't sewn for years.I really want to start quilting. There is a nice quilt store just a couple blocks from me and I'm trying to hold back. Do you think Mick would like them????


A :-) said...

OK - just from the bathroom photo I think I'm in love with your house :-D I can see Mick now with one of your quilts wrapped like a cape around his shoulders, strutting across the stage. Go for it!

Tanya said...

My good friend is an AMAZING quilter and I was just speaking with her yesterday because one of my goals this winter is to learn to sew really well. I can't wait! I also want to learn to knit so I can make cute socks like you!

aj said...

Found you through Just A Girl. Had to leave a comment since I live right around your neck of the woods:) It was neat seeing photos of places I've visited.