Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tibbs rescues my mom

We have certainly been busy around here. This is my favorite season and I want to make the most of it. We have few traditions in our family but one that is my favorite is apple picking. When my kids were little I always took them apple picking and then came right home and baked some apple goodness. This is Vince’s first year of apple picking so it was really special.


Look at all these apples on just one branch!


He liked picking the apples and putting them in the basket. But his favorite part was eating the apples off the tree.


That is always the start of my fall season. Another part I really like is fall decorating. I just love the colors of the season. This year Tom’s mom gave us a buffet that has been in the family for years so I went about decorating it.



I found these cute boxes at Joann’s.


This is another thing we got from his mom. It’s an old butter cooler.

I finished a vest that I made for Tom. It’s the Classic Camel Vest and I made it with Brooks Farm yarn. It was really easy to knit but I wish I had made it a little longer.



Then finally, let me tell you a little story about my mom. As many of you know, we took in my mom after my dad died.  She had polio when she was little and in her golden years it has made her so she can’t walk anymore. She was first and foremost a nurse. Her whole life revolved around nursing. Nothing gave her more pleasure then helping people who were sick. Well, our kitten Tibbs just got declawed and fixed. The Dr told me to try to keep Tibbs from jumping and running.  That’s a little hard around here with two dogs chasing her through the house. I decided, since my mom is immobile to give her the job of trying to keep Tibbs still. Well, that just unlocked her inner nurse. She has Tibbs on her lap all day. If she has to go to the bathroom she calls me into the room to hold Tibbs while she’s away. Now she has brought Tibbs food into the living room by her chair so as Tibbs lays there she can offer her food. She lets Tibbs sleep with her so if she needs water in the middle of the night she can get it for her. I think I might be at the end of my rope now. Just the other day she asked me if we can start putting Tibb’s water in a glass because she likes to drink out of a glass more then a bowl!