Friday, July 31, 2009

Busy summer

I haven’t updated for quite awhile. Let see, first off, I did have 3 weeks vacation and most of the time it was spent making this.


It’s the Girasole by jared flood. It was a lot of fun to make but when you get to the outer rows, 1 row took almost 1 hour to do. I’m glad it’s done.

We did have some fun when I was on vacation too. Tom and my friend Jackie from work went kayaking down the Chicago River one day. They had lots of fun. I decided to go shopping while they were kayaking. I was too afraid of tipping the darn thing over and getting stuck in it.


My niece Julie was in town from Arizona and she came by to see Meg and Vince. She’s just too darn cute. I love you Julie!



I also went to the Midwest Fiber Festival. I caught up with some friends from the Spring Fling. It was great to see these girls again.



And finally, my little Tibbs, was lost for a few days. She somehow got out and I was a nervous wreck. My neighbor had her and she’s back causing lots of havoc around her.


Ok. This picture is deceiving. She really is causing havoc when she’s awake.