Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Still Waiting

I keep putting off a new post thinking that I'll be able to show you my new grandbaby any day. Well, it still hasn't happened. But I did take my daughter to the Dr yesterday and if she doesn't go into labor by next Monday then they are going to induce. So it will be soon!

I've been staying busy knitting. The Summer of Socks is almost over and this will probably be my last pair for the summer. I'm making them for a guy at work who has said he wants a pair. I hope he likes them.
One of the perks of having my mom live with me is I got a cleaning lady! It's so wonderful. I usually divide my cleaning into sections. I do certain rooms on different days of the week. On the week that she comes I don't have to do anything. It's great. I have free time that I didn't before. And Suzanne, in case you're wondering she lives in Elburn and comes highly recommended by me.

I've also been busy with two of my nieces. I had them all day a couple of days ago and we made cookies. Thanks to Tanya's recipe for Peanut Butter surprise cookies. They turned out great. I have never tried anything from her site I didn't like. As we were smooshing the cookies down we were singing the Cookie Mash instead of the Monster Mash. They had lots of fun.

And finally, we got our first tomato. I'm not a good gardener. I hate the heat. But sometimes I go out and weed and try to keep things alive. It is fun to see things growing. And here is my Karen keeping me company as I wait for the little one to arrive.


Suzanne said...

OOOOOH...I'm wanting a cleaning lady, but it will never fly with the Other Mother. She thinks that she's the cleaning lady, but at 87 years old ....well, you can just imagine. Thanks for thinking about me. I just might have her sneak in sometime.

- Suzanne

aj said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:) It is nice to see people from my area. Sooo wishing I could have a cleaning lady!! I'd call her up in a heartbeat if I could!! Hope you get that grandbaby soon!!

aj said...

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one with a crush:):)