Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Knitting love



I have returned from a long weekend of knitting love. I was one of the ones lucky enough to be chosen to go to St Louis for the Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling. What a wonderful time we had. The weather was great, not a sprinkle the whole time. And of course the company was the best in the world. I’m usually a pretty introverted person, but I got to tell you, I was talking up a storm the whole time. My poor vocal cords need a rest now. One of the knitting blogs I read, her niece was doing a flat Stanley. So I took it with me. I’m sure the kids won’t know who these super stars of knitting are but I’m betting the Aunt will.


Her is Wendy Johnson from Wendy knits.

download file 044

And this is Cookie A

download file 051


And then there was Anne Hanson from knitspot.

download file 042 And I can’t forget Sheri from The Loopy Ewe. Who is a rock star for putting this all together.

download file 043

I think everyone had a wonderful time and I’m hoping I can go again next year.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little redo action

This post is mainly for Chris at CK interiors. I have tried MANY times just to email her to let her know the things that we've done that she suggested but for some reason I can’t get through to her email address. But it’s fun to show you guys what we’ve done so far too. I was stuck in a rut with decorating. I couldn’t decide on where to go or where to start. So, I consulted with Chris, who’s blog I just love (she has several). I loved her style and luckily for me she does internet consulting. I’m sure I’ll use her again for other areas of the house. So here’s what she sent me.


She gave me a list of things that she thought would look nice and where to get them. She provided me with paint colors. Some of the stuff I got a little different but here’s what we’ve done so far.


We painted the living room.

download file 018

We painted the dining room.


We got a new light fixture for the dining room.

download file 027

And we’ve gotten bamboo blinds for both rooms. Which by the way I love them. I could have gotten the ones for privacy but they were  a lot more and these look so nice and they shade out the sun.

As I do more I’ll be posting so I can show Chris. But so far I really like what we’ve done.