Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rain, Rain, and more Rain.

It's been very wet here. We have had a bad storm a day for a week. Yesterday was the first nice day. I think all week will be nice. I'm very upset because I was waiting and waiting for my peonies to bloom and then they bloomed during the storms. This is what I found.

They are always so beautiful and I love to put them in vases. But now I have withered peonies! Oh well, there's always next year. Here's another thing I find when I go out. Karen is obsessed with the big evergreen tree in my back yard. She knows there's bunny's in there. So everyday she pulls me over so she can stick her head under the tree.

I don't know how many are left because our cat, Princess, has been gifting them to us on our back stoop. UGH, the joys of animals.

Finally, I completed the socks I was making for my son Kyle. He's the middle child and is always complaining that we forget about him. The truth is, the other two cause me so much worry, I know I don't have to worry about him.

Mom is getting settled in and so far so good. Until next time.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

My baby is home with me once more. Only for 2 weeks but I'm going to enjoy him while I have him. Here he is with his girlfriend, Tiegan, at my daughters wedding.

He's in the Marines and even though he's only stationed for right now in San Diego I worry about him all the time. It's funny that way. A mothers love never stops no matter how old they get. Speaking of that my daughter, Megan, is expecting a baby boy in August. She's had a very hard life. She was born with a condition called Biliary Atresia. Basically she had no ducts in her liver. She was givin a 5% chance to live to see her first birthday. Back then they didn't have liver transplants and they knew she wouldn't survive without one. She made it 26 yrs without one and last year, Casey, came home from the Marines to give her part of his. She is now healthy and pregnant! Baby is doing fine. One of my other things I like to do is card making. So my friends and I got together and we made her invitations to a shower I am giving her next month.Didn't they turn out cute? I can't wait to be a Grandma! Oh and speaking of Grandma's, my mom is finally moving in this weekend. Here is her bathroom that we just finished. I say "we" loosely because my husband did all the work. I just supervised.I'll show you her room after we get things in there. We had to make sure everything was handicapped accessible. She's using a walker pretty much right now but I don't know how long that will last.

And finally on to knitting news. I finished my scarf for my son, Kyle's, friend. He used to be a district manager at Sephora and when the vendors would give him things he'd give them to me. I have so much make up and beauty products now. It's a girls dream come true. So I like to make him things when I can.