Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love Fall!

I have been doing lots during the fall months. I just love the fall! So I've been away from my blog. During the summer it's too hot for me so I usually stay in the house. Now, I'm out and about.

Yesterday, I had to go for an endoscopy. I had one two years ago along with a colonoscopy. Not fun. My colon however was just fine, thank you. But my stomach has polyps. So I had to have the test again and I have more polyps. I'm imagining my stomach looks like a cave inside with stalagtites and stalagmites.

Then I've been working on a super secret knitting project that I can't share yet. But I did knit up this little ditty for Vince.

We also went apple picking with my nieces. But, alas, the apples had already been all picked. But we did get to go in the barn and buy some apples and other misc. things. Then the litte one, Frankie, and I came home and whipped up to hot cinnamon apple crisp.

I got the recipe from the blog "My Romantic Home"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nothing going on.

I haven't updated my blog for a couple of weeks. Not because I was sick or anything, just I haven't done anything to blog about. I've been getting up, cleaning the house, going to work, and then coming home to sleep. Today I did finally have a day off and I got to babysit for Vince. Ohhh, he's so cute. And he smells really good too.
I sure wish I could bottle up that baby smell. Then I got a package from a Autumn Swap partner, Antoneta, from Norway. I was so excited that it came all the way from Norway. She did an excellent job at picking things out for me.

Look at this bag. She made that!
Then I did finally finish my mom's scarf that I've been promising her. It's the Feather and Fan scarf from Wendy Knits
And her she is modeling it.
Hopefully, I'll have some more things to report soon. I was going to order a life but with the economy like it is, I don't think I can afford it anymore???