Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Grand Finale---Rhinebeck

Okay, so I’m probably the last knitter to post on Rhinebeck. That’s just how I roll. Sorry. I guess I’m trying to keep the high as long as I can, and what a high it was. Again, we had to wake up at the crack of dawn~~~yuck~~~to get our place in line. Because, you never know, things could be sold out before we had a chance to see them.


As you can see we picked up some stragglers along the way. These are our friends who we’ve been to the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling with. It was great to see these girls again.  Hopefully, we’ll all see each other next year again.

Anyways, we finally got into the festival and got out our credit cards. I have never seen so much fiber in my life. It was a feast for the eyes.



And not only pretty yarns but also the little creatures who provide us with such lovely yarn. I could have stayed with these guys all day long.




They even had some puppies. I couldn’t take a picture of them because they were so rambunctious they didn’t sit still enough for a photo session.

Luckily, I got pulled away from them and discovered there was much more to see. Like food, and lots of it.


One of the famous things they serve is fried artichokes. I didn’t feel like waiting in the extremely long line them. But I hear they were great. It was such a nice cool Autumn day we had some hot apple cider and apple crisp. Which was also delicious.

Waiting in line for my food I saw this content little guy. It was such a beautiful sight I had to take a picture of him all snug in his wrap.


We also saw some knitting celebrities.


This is Casey who founded Ravelry. Yeah Casey. Where would we all be without Ravelry?

Then there was Anne Hanson.


And Ysolda.


A lot of knitting paraphernalia found it’s way home with us.



That night we all went out to dinner and back to the lobby of the hotel to reminisce on our wonderful day. We found another person we met at the Spring Fling, Sharon. Who kindly gave us some peanut butter cups she made herself!


Which, by the way, they were also delicious. Then it came time to say goodbye to all our friends. That is always the worse part. The next morning we got up—at the crack of dawn again—Thanks Dany. We all had flights we had to take back to our cities. It was very hard to say goodbye to Maria and Dany who I had just spent the perfect week with. I dropped them off at their gates (and grumbled about how early they got me up). To top off my week I upgraded to first class on my flight home. It was perfect.