Friday, January 25, 2008

One New Years Resolution done

I did it! I finally made a New Years Resolution I kept! Today I had my first spinning lesson. The place I took it at is way out in the country and she has her own sheep out back. Todays lesson I learned how to card the wool and use a drop spindle. It's not coming very easy to me yet but she says I'm doing fine.This is how the wool starts. Then using these you card it. (Just like brushing)And then it looks like this.After you get a lot of that done you get your spindle and twist. Here's my spindle. I think it's beautiful. Here's my yarn but don't laugh. I have to keep practicing.I also bought a book because I was scared I was going to forget what I had learned. That happens a lot nowadays.
Next I would like to thank Shirley in Vancouver for my swap gift. This was my first swap and I'm already addicted to them. It was great fun. I love love love my socks. You did it perfect. She also put in some tea, lotion (which I really love the smell of), some point protectors, and some cards from Vancouver. Thank you so much. And last but not least here's my son-in-law in his new scarf. He says he loves it.


A :-) said...

Oh Yay!! So glad you had a great time spinning :-)

kimberly said...

You are going to love spinning! Great scarf too.

Anonymous said...

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