Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stay tuned for an important message

I finally finished these socks and I'm very happy with them. They have already found a home. I'm on my next pair now. I tried the Secret of the Stole but I'm just resigning myself that I'm no good at lace. I think it's my eyesight, but I'm not sure. I just kept dropping stitches and it was a mess. So I'm back to socks. That's my favorite anyways. Maybe someday I'll try to tackle lace again.

The weather here has been very sucky. We got a foot of snow on Friday and they were calling for another foot last night. I was so relieved when I woke up this morning and no snow. But alas, it's just coming late. This is what it looked like last weekend.

Now on to more important stuff. I, like many of you out there have fallen under the spell of Wollmeise. In my quest to get some, I got a little excited and accidently ordered 2 of the same kind. Now, I'm a share the wealth kind of girl, so I decided I would randomly choose a person who posts a comment on this. I just started my blog in August and don't have many readers so your chances are good. I will pick someone on Feb 14th, otherwise known as Valentines day. Good luck.


TheWench said...

Those socks are lovely! I still love that picture of your backyard with all the snow I don't have in mine. :P

-love thewench

Shy said...
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Shy said...

I'm off to shovel that horrible wet heavy snow right now, it's drifting a little across my driveway. A little Woolmeise would ease the pain.

kimberly said...

Beautiful socks, and pretty yarn too! I hope your weather improves (hope ours does too, getting awfully tired of winter around here.)

Murph said...

I'm totally new to this blogging...but, I wanted you to know that I like your blog and love your knitting. It is really nice to know what's going on in your world. For me, I really need to get back to knitting and your socks will inspire me! Keep making those beautiful socks.