Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm leaving again

Well, it seems like I just got home and I'm off and running again. This time I'm going to Ohio to my brothers for Thanksgiving. He has 4 yr old twin girls and we never miss a chance to go see them. He was 50 yrs old when he had them and they're his 1st children. I'm still hoping for more, but I doubt it. It's fun having little ones again. So we're packing up the car and taking my mom and my aunt with us. (That should be fun). This is the first Thanksgiving without my dad and I hope I'm not crying the whole time. I think he'll be there with us.

So on to knitting. I finished my Chevron scarf and I still like it.

I started my first knitters swap and I'm making these for my secret pal.

But, I'm sure going to miss this mug. She just got over us leaving last time.

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pat said...

Beautiful colors on your Chevron!!!