Monday, November 26, 2007

We Invaded and Left

Thanksgiving was wonderful. But my poor brother and sister-in-law had us invade their house and leave. They are so wonderful. Packing the car was a small feat. We had four adults in my Saab 95, which is a small sedan and all our luggage and a HUGE wheelchair. But we packed it all in and off to Cincinnati we went. It was very relaxing for us, and although we were very welcome there, I think they were glad when we left. In knitting news I brought my knitting and tore it apart several times, so I didn't make any progress. But I'm back on track now.

TA DA. Here's my precious nieces. They are the love of my life (besides my own kids). I present to you Miss Jacqueline Rose and Miss Katherine Sarah. Otherwise known as Jaye and Kaye.

They took to sharing their bathroom very well. But poor Jaye got the flu. They had their flu shot the day we got there and she had a bad reaction to it. Either that or it was all the candy Uncle Tom brought with him. Her she is laying down not feeling well.Then after dinner I caught my brother hiding from all of us in his office.But we all survived and are closer for it. In April we all plan on going to Disney World. Two of my kids, my sister, my mother and I are meeting my brothers family for a week of watching these two little girls be the Princesses that they are. I can't wait!

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