Thursday, June 11, 2009

We have a new kitty!

I finally did it and got another kitty. I’ve wanted one for a long time and when son #2 returned to Camp Pendleton leaving his wife her with us, I thought it would be a good idea to get her something to cuddle why he’s gone. She’s got a really bad cold right now and is quarantined in DIL’s room. But the little contact she’s had with the dogs has been all positive. They don’t seem to bother her at all. The other kitty isn’t too happy, but she’ll get over it.

Here she is, her name is Tibbs.


She’s almost 3 months old and we got her from the local shelter. She’s also very curious and really wants to explore.

I also finished my Clapotis. I know, I’m probably the only knitter in the world that hadn’t made it. Well, now I can say I have. I had my DIL model it for me.


It was a very simple pattern and I love the looks of it.


I made it with Brook’s Farm Duet and love this yarn. It’s very soft. I have to make a mental note to buy some more.


TheWench said...

Aww that kitten is adorable! And your Clap looks good! (I havent made one yet though)

Anonymous said...

Pat has the Clap???
Kitty is beautiful.
Of course your model looks great, love the color.

A :-) said...

Love the Clapotis!! I finally finished mine (but it's like the 9th one I've done :-D). I'm quite partial to Brooks Farm Yarns, too.

Hey - you've been awarded as an “Honest Weblog.” Come on over to Knit and Run to pick it up. :-)

Millie said...

Welcome little Tibs - what a pretty kitty you are. Fab job on your Clapotis project Pat - being a craft klutz I've got no idea what it is but it sure looks good on your gorgeous model!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've never made one, and have no plans to! Yours is lovely, though.

Barb and Steve said...

I love you new kitty!