Sunday, September 14, 2008

Time Off

I've been off of work for a week. I barely got anything done except going and playing with my new Grandson. He's so cute! I did do a little fall decorating.





I also got my closet cleaned. I won't bother showing you pictures of that. But it looks good. For now. But most of my time was spent with little Vince.
IMG_0486_edited-1.JPG , on Flickr">IMG_0480_edited-1.JPG

Who could resist that? I'm back at work now and hopefully back to knitting.


AJ said...

Oh.My.Gosh!! He is just sooo adorable. Makes me think back to when my girls were small. How I would sit and hold them for hours, stroking their hair and soaking in the smell of their sweet baby head:) Oh how I miss those days. Bet you are enjoying every litte bit of him!!

kimberly said...

What a little Darling! And FOX makes me sick too. I can't believe some people actually think its real "news". Love your new fall goodies!