Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A life in progress

I don't know which way I want to turn next. I love reading the decorating blogs and look at the lovely things people do in their houses. It just seems to come so easy for some. I'm not included in that. I'm trying to figure out how to do these things seamlessly. It's not coming naturally to me. But I do love the blog world for ideas. I took a fall decorating seminar at The Little Traveler on Monday. It was wonderful and they even had a little fall fashion show. Too bad they don't offer things in my big size. But I did come out with some great ideas for decorating, and I'm proud to show you what I've done.


Then I just loved these boxes that these Halloween things came in. So I decided to group them together on my counter in the kitchen. I bought this Halloween wine too. A wine snob, I am not. I bought it for the cute bottle.


And finally, I did finish some knitting! I had to take a little break there for awhile. But I'm back at it. I made these socks for a guy at work. He says he loves them. It always makes me happy when I can do things for other people.


Millie said...

Pat, your blog is such a treat! Am visiting from SUNDAY BAKER & have so enjoyed reading your posts. Your new grandson is just the cutest, you are lucky as our 5 sons are being VERY tardy on this front! I love the relaxed & honest way you write about your life, looking forward to visiting often.
Millie ^_^

pat said...

What a beautiful fall arrangement! Very nice job! and I like your man socks too....I'm just starting some for Dave.

Tanya said...

I love your fall finds! Those socks are awesome!

A :-) said...

Oooo! Loving the fall look!! :-) This is my favorite time of year. You've inspired me to get the fall stuff up from the basement!

AJ said...

Pat! That planter is gorgeous! Love the kitchen goodies. Looks like I need to make a trip to Geneva! They'd be perfect to have for our halloween party!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Wow, those socks are awesome! What a great gift & I know I would love getting a pair as a gift.
Yout fall decorations are don't give yourself enough credit, Take care, DebraK

Chris said...

Uh, I'm sorry...did you just say you don't have the knack for that type of stuff??? WOW! You made SOCKS!! Every picture was fabulous, and you don't give yourself NEAR enough credit.