Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This is a continuation from my last post. Let's hope everything works this time. I finished my Loopy Ewe May sock kit. This was my first toe up sock so I'm very proud of it. Thank you Wendy for showing me how to do it!

I promised I'd talk about Disney World also. We had a wonderful time. It was too short. We only had 4 days and 9 people. But we did go to all the parks. Unfortunatly I accidently erased all my pictures the day before we left. And I had some really cute ones of the twins too.

My mother was in all her glory. It's very hard for her to get around anymore but we had 6 adults helping her. She only went to two parks for 1/2 day each. But she was thrilled because she had all her children there and all grandchildren except for 1. My youngest who's in the Marines couldn't make it. We all stayed in a 4 bedroom condo and everyone got along really well! I'm surprised we didn't kill each other. Here's my mom on the way to the airport to go home.

It was good to see a smile on her face. It's been very hard on her since my dad died. And in closing this is what we did after we got home.Aren't they just precious. It was sooo nice to see the twins again. They are coming to visit in July and I can't wait.


TheWench said...

Those socks are *Gorgeous*!!! And you're done already? Fast, you are fast.

Anonymous said...

love the socks :-)