Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where does time go?

Can you believe it's almost Easter. I felt a little funny taking out my Easter decorations when it's so cold and grey. I will be gone next week on vacation. Hooray! We are going to Banff so my husband can ski and I can sit around the fire and knit. Of course, there will be shopping and going to the spa also. We always go with a group of people so I'll have plenty of company while the husband is off skiing. I can't wait to have no laundry, no dishes, no messy house. Just me and hubby in a hotel room. AHHHH.

I finished one sock that I got in a kit. I'm not happy with the yarn. But they will do on cold snowy days when I need my feet real warm.

That's little sheep on top. I thought they were cute. Well, see you soon. I'm off to pack.

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kimberly said...

Those socks are really darling, I am sorry that you don't like the kit. Have fun in Banff!