Thursday, February 21, 2008

I need to keep my mouth shut!

Today, I took my car into the dealers to get an oil change. I hate doing it because the dealer is about 45 minutes away. But I bundled up and brought it in. I really like the dealer and the Service Dept. They have always been very good and my car is under warrenty so everything that breaks I make sure I fix. I was sitting in the waiting room knitting away while I was waiting. When they came and got me, I got in my car and noticed my parking permit (which costs $80 every 3 months) was missing. I asked where it was and they said nothing was there. I never remove that darn thing because I've gotten towed before when I forgot to put it back up. I had everyone looking around for that stupid pass. Now, you know, I didn't believe them. But after about 1/2 hr I left. To get a new pass I have to turn in the old pass and I was mentally practicing what I was going to say to the Police Dept who issues the pass. After I got home my sister-in-law calls me and asks if she can borrow my pass again tomorrow. I forgot that I told her to just come get it out of my car! I hope I didn't get the guy who worked on my car in trouble. Oh well, they probably knew I was a little off.

So here is my knitting for the week. I made this hat for Tom for our ski trip. It matches his new ski coat I got him for Christmas.
Now some sad news. We lost one of our kitties this week. She succombed to Kidney Disease. It was a total shock because she always stayed in the basement away from the dogs. I didn't see her that often and by the time I realized she was sick, it was too late. So now I'm down to 2 dogs and 1 cat. I think it's time for a new kitten. Now, I have to talk Tom into it. Here are my furry friends that I have now. This is Princess and no she's not pregnant!
This is Karen. And this is Elsa.

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny about that parking pass!
I cant believe I missed out on that yarn! I didn't read all the way down. Oh well. I will have to get my own when we visit the Loopy!
OK, tomorrow, Friday, I believe we will be on the train together!
Don't forget to bring whatever it was you were going to bring for Sharon.