Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Perfect Day

Dear God,

    Thank  you for allowing us to have this perfect day. You have made 3 knitters very happy and we will be forever grateful.



You know how the unplanned days sometimes turn out to be the best. Like the days you get to stay in your PJ’s all day. Well, this was the mother load of days for us. About a week before our trip we read that Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed was coming out with his own yarn line, and that said yarn line would only be sold in 9 different stores around the country. Well, wouldn’t  you happen to know that one of the stores was in New Hampshire. And the New Hampshire store was also in the same town that they produced the yarn.

We had nothing to do on one of the days so I asked the girls if they wanted to go check it out. The first hint that it was going to be a great day was there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Then on the way to Harrisville we passed this little sign on a country road that said The Fiber Studio next right. Well we couldn’t pass that up! It was just the dang cutest shop that had tons of beads and spinning wheels. Then in the little room off the big room there had to have been a dozen women in there just chatting away. I loved it.

Back on the road we sort of got off the beaten track and found ourselves right in front of this.IMG_2910_edited-1


I wish I could accurately tell you how serene this was. If I could bottle the feeling we all got at this moment I’d be a millionaire. As we were trying to find our way back to the main road we stumbled upon this little cemetery. I don’t know about you but I really love old cemeteries and this one was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.IMG_2900_edited-1 

It was so exciting seeing all this on the back roads. I didn’t even want to find Harrisville. We kept going and to our surprise Harrisville was just as cute. It’s definitely a one horse town. In fact there really is no town at all. There’s a general store which I’ll cover in a minute and a post office. That’s it.



This is the door going into the yarn store there, and here’s their sales bin.IMG_2920_edited-1

It could not have gotten any better. EXCEPT---as I was making my purchases the woman asked me if I was part of the tour group. I asked what tour group. She explained that the mill where they make the yarn gives tours and some of the people in the store were on one. I asked if we could look at it and she said it’s by reservation only. She asked if we could come back and when I told her I was here with some friends from Germany she said “let me make a call”. She got us our own private tour. I took pictures of every step of the process but it’s a long one so I’ll just show you my favorites.IMG_2924_edited-1

This is how it starts out. Ugly, yes? This machine feeds it into the carders (and there are many). Then it washes it and cards it again.


This is the fiber being laid out for the spinning, and here is it being spun and plied.



And yes, it is two different colors. Then we happened to pass this and I couldn’t help taking a picture of it.


We had just died and gone to heaven. But there was still some more insane cuteness coming. We were very hungry by this time so we asked were we might get a bite to eat. It turns out the General Store also serves food.IMG_2952_edited-1

Boy was it delicious.IMG_2951_edited-1

Now just wait until you see this. It’s the produce dept.


OMG I could so live here. We all agreed that this was the best day of our whole trip.


A :-) said...

Pat - what an amazing trip you guys had!!! I'm loving reading about it :-)

the wild magnolia said...

Great country post.