Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our base for the first part of our trip was Courmayeur, Italy. It’s a small town right on the borders of France and Switzerland. This is where the skiing took place. I just have to show you this picture of the mountains that Tom took because I think it’s so beautiful. It makes me almost wish that I could ski.


But unfortunately when I look at it I think BROKEN LEG.

On the first day, to get our sea legs, we just walked around the town and had to see what they had to offer. It’s full of cute little shops, very expensive. But the thing I love about europe is the little shops for meat, cheese, and pasta. I so wish we had that in the states.


I also love the little cafe’s where you can get this! No Starbucks here.


After we got they lay of the land we decided to venture off to France. We took the bus from downtown, through Mt Blanc, in a very long tunnel. When we came out of the tunnel we were in Chamonix, France. It’s another cute little ski town, again very expensive. I am totally addicted to Diet Pepsi, which you can’t even find there. So I had to switch to Coke light. The Coke lights cost more then the wine!! It cost 7 euro’s for a coke light, which is like $10 american. Believe me, I made sure I drank every last sip. But with my Coke light I got this little baby.


Isn’t that the most glorious croissant you’ve ever seen! OK. I’m done showing you the food pictures. You know where my mind is at. Here’s the town of Chamonix.





While we were in Italy we also did a side trip to a vineyard and had a wine tasting. At first Tom and I didn’t want to go because we’re not big drinkers. But everyone else was going so we decided to tag along. For a girl who doesn’t drink much, I had my share and probably everyone else’s. I kept bellying up to the bar to get refills. I could barely remember my name when I was done. I should know better. Here is what Tom lovingly called the Grappa bong. Grappa is the residue at the bottom of the barrel and boy howdy is it strong.


Tomorrow I will show you some pictures of our trip to ROME! That was by far my favorite.


A :-) said...

Pat, it looks like you had a WONDERFUL trip!! :-)

Barb and Steve said...

Pat, I love your pictures. I am now so hungry! I love those little shops. did you find any yarn shops there?

Millie said...

They also use grappa to fill up the Space Shuttle's fuel tanks - it's not known as Rocket Fuel for nothing!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...

WE are heading to Chamonix with our family this summer. Thanks for the pictures. We will have to do that drive into Italy. The pictures were great to show the kids. We are all ready to go!