Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little redo action

This post is mainly for Chris at CK interiors. I have tried MANY times just to email her to let her know the things that we've done that she suggested but for some reason I can’t get through to her email address. But it’s fun to show you guys what we’ve done so far too. I was stuck in a rut with decorating. I couldn’t decide on where to go or where to start. So, I consulted with Chris, who’s blog I just love (she has several). I loved her style and luckily for me she does internet consulting. I’m sure I’ll use her again for other areas of the house. So here’s what she sent me.


She gave me a list of things that she thought would look nice and where to get them. She provided me with paint colors. Some of the stuff I got a little different but here’s what we’ve done so far.


We painted the living room.

download file 018

We painted the dining room.


We got a new light fixture for the dining room.

download file 027

And we’ve gotten bamboo blinds for both rooms. Which by the way I love them. I could have gotten the ones for privacy but they were  a lot more and these look so nice and they shade out the sun.

As I do more I’ll be posting so I can show Chris. But so far I really like what we’ve done.


Chris said...

Its looking great , thanks for sharing , that blue is so fresh and gorgeous , it really hi-lights the wood work .

Barb and Steve said...

Pat it looks great! You've been busy!

Anonymous said...

Like the blinds.
I don't think the privacy thing will be a problem. You just have to stop walking around naked. (HA just kidding)
BTW- I love Emily Litella.

Millie said...

Just gorgeous dear Pat! I particularly love the colour you've painted your Dining Room, so elegant & a perfect compliment to the beautiful wooden architraves & doors. I'd love nothing more at the moment than a trip to your part of the world, it's been over a year now & I'm getting Windy City withdrawal!
Millie ^_^

TheWench said...

Pat! That's GORGEOUS! I'm glad you picked the blue!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Pat, I like the decorating ideas, especially the pale blues and browns. I also like bamboo blinds, I have them on a lot of windows, they add a nice natural look and texture. I have used both valances and light curtains over them for privacy.

Thanks for your comments today. We will be off to explore Charleston once The Husband wakes up!!


kimberly said...

I love the living room and new blinds. And your mom sounds hilarious!

I bet that sweater that I made for the fashion show would fit you . . .

princess said...

Your windows and the woodwork in your home are gorgeous!


Anonymous said...


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