Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mad Color Weave Socks

Good morning. I’ve been really taking it easy for the last week. My mother went out of town to visit her sisters. So Tom and I had the house to ourselves. We painted the living room and dining room, which turned out to be a huge project. But everything is done and my mom is home. I have been working on these socks and I just love them.

download file 002

download file 004

It’s a really fun pattern for me and it’s free on Ravelry.

Tom and I also took a quick trip to Springfield just to get away for a night. We had a really good time. Here he is with young Abe at the Lincoln museum.

download file 026

And of course we had to get a family photo.

download file 025

We had never been down there since it opened and I’ve got to tell you. It was really interesting. I found a lot of things that I didn’t know about him.

Also, I am so bad. When my father-in-law died I was very busy and I got 3 wonderful swap packages from people. In my haste I forgot to post the swap package! It was from Angela and she spun some yarn for me that is to die for. This is all the stuff she had in the package. As you can see it’s awesome.

download file 011

Here’s a close up of that scarf. It’s so intricate and beautiful.

download file 009 And just take a look at this homespun yarn dyed just for me!

download file 010

I wish I had the time to spin! I can’t wait to find the perfect pattern for it. Thanks Angela.


Barb and Steve said...

I love those socks! I hope I can knit like that someday! Tell Tom he's got a nice family there. So glad you guys had some time to yourselves even though you were working hard painting.

Blondie's Journal said...

As always, I love your projects and would love to have a pair of those socks!

Haven't been to the museum but you know how close I am! Ha ha! Great pics.

These swaps are so neat. I love seeing all the loot! Wow, homespun yarn. Does she have sheep?


Millie said...

Wow, you guys haven't been sitting around idle! Those socks are magic Pat. I still have a bag of needles & yarn from my knitting day/s (1.1.82-1.2.82!!!) - this post almost has me searching for them! I'd love to be able to look up to MOTH & say 'Not now darling, I'm creating!'
Millie ^_^

Pat said...

Gorgeous socks - one of my favorite patterns!
Now THAT is a nice swap package!