Thursday, February 5, 2009

I’m in a rut!

This winter has put me in a rut. I just can’t seem to get my mind together. I normally love winter but I have to say I’m ready for spring. Uncle, uncle, uncle. There I’ve said it.  I have been busy since I last talked to you. I’ve been knitting several secret projects, all of which I have forgotten to take pictures of. But I did get out some projects I’m working on for me. First here’s the Anemoi mitten I’ve been working on. The first time I saw this pattern I was in love!



Then I’m making Denmark socks from the Knitting on the Road book. I’m using Rio de la Plata yarn and I love the contrast in it.


I also got a swap package from Barb on Ravelry. She sent me the nicest box of surprises. Thank you Barb.


My friend Barb,not the Barb who sent me the package,  just started a blog. She is an amazing woman. She’s really into health food, unlike myself. But the amazing part is she likes me anyways. She even makes her own deodorant and toothpaste! We travel a lot together because we’re both in a ski club ,(Neither of us ski either), and she always has her little homemade remedy kit with her. I LOVE IT. Anyway her blog is call The Big Red Barn because they bought a barn that they’re rehabbing. Check it out.


Barb and Steve said...

Thanks for the compliments Pat! I'm sorry you're in rut. Let's do lunch soon. We could talk about Spring! I'm still working on my knitting skills. Even copying some patterns to make in the future.

Blondie's Journal said...

Hi Pat,

So nice to hear from you again!! The mittens in the 1st pic (the black & white ones) remind me of something I had as a little girl! Am I imagining this pattern?

Stay in touch!! :-)


Anonymous said...

oh my you're a knitter too..that explains it :P

I just peed my pants laughing at the story you told in the comments of Bye bye pie..omg my stomach hurts from laughing

Millie said...

I can feel you are ready for a weather change from across the Pacific Pat!! I'm convinced there's a Pacific Island girl trapped in your Chicago body - just ready to bust out & lie on a warm tropical beach soaking up the rays! Love your latest creations with the knitting needles.
Millie ^_^