Thursday, May 1, 2008

I know I'm loved.

Today, I've been busy cleaning up after my worldly travels. Some of you don't know I actually have 2 dogs. My Elsa is a chocolate lab but she doesn't feel the need to be by me every second of the day. Karen on the other hand is such a lover and thinks I need constant attention from her. I've never had a dog like her. I love both my dogs, but Karen, she is special. She refuses to get into our bed when only Tom is in there. He has tried many times but she just won't do it. As soon as I get in bed, Karen barks at Tom to move out of the way so she can jump in and borrough by my side. If I'm sitting on the sofa she must sit right next to me. If there's not room she will bark at the person sitting next to me until they move. Well, today, I realized there is another time that she will leave my side. When this comes out.

Sorry, it's sideways. But I can't figure out how to turn it around. You get the picture. As soon as I drag this out she's hiding in the bedroom. So today I did a test. I would turn it on and she'd run away. 3 seconds after I'd turn it off she'd peek around the corner.

I did this like 10 times. I'm sure she thinks I'm nuts. But guess what, SHE STILL LOVES ME! Aren't animals wonderful? The cat on the other hand could care less.


TheWench said...

hahaha I do that to my cats sometimes. Then they fluff up and will try to swat it once it's off. How goes the cleaning?

kimberly said...

Ha, our dog is afraid of the vacuum too. We call it "Dog DOOM". That cat runs away if I even move the thing out of the closet to get at something behind it! Hope you are doing well, and have a great weekend!