Monday, April 7, 2008

Going again

I know I complain a lot that my life is boring. But lately, I've been going on many adventures. I'm getting ready now to go to Disney World. I haven't been there in years. It will be so much fun because we're going with almost my whole family. That includes my 2 5yr old neices. I think we are going to be pointing the camera's at their little faces so much they'll be glad to leave. Disney is so much more fun with little ones. Then the weekend after I get back I'm going to St Louis for The Loopy Ewe-Spring Fling. That's another thing I can't wait for. Right now my life is not boring.

I went shopping the other day with my son's girlfriend, Tiegan. She is becoming so much a part of our family. I really think of her as a daughter. Geeze, I wish she was my daughter. We had fun shopping (something my real daughter would never do with me). We picked out these for over my breakfast nook. I was originally thinking of rooster pictures but I really like these.

It's framed crosses. Here's a close up.

I think crosses are so pretty. Especially the real ornamental kind. Whoever came up with that is a genius. I'm going for kind of the Tuscany cottage look and I think this said it all.

I also finished the second sweater for the twins. I know they won't need them in Florida but maybe they can at least get one good use out of them before it gets too warm. I made them big so they can use them next winter also.

This one is for Jaye, she's a little smaller then Kaye. Well, I'm off to my mother's. See you soon.

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