Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21st, 2007

OK, I have been looking everyday at the blogs I read and I've noticed something. Nobody blogs regularly in December. Could it be we're all too busy? Everyday I'm disappointed by the lack of blogging. But then I realized, I haven't been blogging either! I guess I'm too busy too. I'm fervently working on a lace neck warmer for my sister.I did not send out Christmas cards, I barely decorated, but I did however bake! Oh well. Today is my last day at work until the New Year. Next week my LYS has their annual sale as well as the local stamping store. So I'll be busy waiting in line!

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year. So we can buy lots of yarn!


Pat said...

That sure is a pretty pile of lace!
Yes - not alot of time for blogging/reading blogs in December I guess (I'm sneaking into the computer room to peek at bloglines right now when I should be .....)

Monika said...

Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!