Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11,2007

I can hardly believe it's Sept and it's going into fall! And I love it!! I hate the summer (too hot to knit anything but socks). And fall is my favorite season. I've had a rough year so far. My daughter had a stillborn baby in April, my father died in July, and my son gave my daughter part of his liver in Aug. But now things are looking up and we are starting a fresh new season. I went in Aug to Stitches and took a Fair Isle knitting class (given by Candice Eisner-Strick). So in order to not forget what I have learned I am starting my mittens. They are taking a long time because I have to keep ripping out. I'll be posting my progress.

This is my son who is recouping from surgery on my couch! He says his bed is too uncomfortable. By the way you might have seen him on Fox News. They did a story on my son and daughter because he's in the Marines and came home to save his sister! What a hero!!

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